lördag 14 februari 2015

Dear Hayley, as you might know it's valentines day today, I'm sad a bit that that we weren't together on this special day. Just because it's valenttines day dosn't mean that I love you moar my love for you is already at the highest possible level that one person can feel for another person.(I'ts totally super true)
 But I thought I should give you something on this day just to show that I really care for you and really trying to show that little extra that a person that likes a person does to show that person that it likes that person if you catch my drift. 
I spent most of this day making you a vallentins day gift so here's a picture of me holding it so you can see it Im also pretending that I'm standing outside your door, although it's hard since you havn't told me where you live, I hope you tell me that in a not to distant future.
Yours sincerely belovedyloved Baconstrap 

#haylehpresent #standing 

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