lördag 13 december 2014

Dear Hayley
We both hope you are doing great, and are healthy and such. This post is comming from both of us but I have gotten the tast to write it, but I'm speaking as both me and my friend. We have made a picture of you together and we both hope you really like it.
First I really want to personally apologize for my bad behavior i my last post, I really should not blame my friend and talk bad about him just to get your love. But you have to understand I really love you hayley and I felt I had to use any means nesecary to show that. In hindsight I see that my behavior was unacceptable and I do sincerely apologize for it.
We hope this picture will be of your likeing and that I will be obvious for you that we wont fight amongst ourselfs but let you decide who you like the most.
We both hope that you are enjoying your life

Yours sincerely belove. Baconstrap and MightCrawler

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