fredag 21 november 2014

My Dear Hayley, it's been quite a while since last time. The reason is that I've been a bit afraid of taking contact with you, I thought you might be mad at me since theres a person that is givin you ideas of who I am and what my intenstions of loving you. But I've been thinking very much of this and come to the conclusion that you're a mature person(as am I) and you probably wouldn't listen talk from an immature person such as this other person, that needs to bully and pull me down just so he can seem to e a much better person that truly loves you, but I'm the one taking time to think of you all the time, When it's time for you to choose between me adn this immature person, I don't want to affect your decision with disparaging comment of this other person. I just want you to choose wisely so you don't choose someone that is immature, and is in for the meat if you cach my drift.
Anyway, the dark winter has come and I made this picture of you being here in the dark north spending the winter with me, that would be really really nice, I mean moar nice than everything else.

Yours sincerely beloved Baconstrap.(still thinking of you)

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