lördag 11 oktober 2014

I'm sorry for everything Hayley, I still love you

My deer Hayley, I'm really sorry for my lack of activity lately. I understand if you feel like I've let you down and im sorry for that, in my defence I do still love you. In my abcense my feelings for you have grown more strong then you can imagine. I'm sorry to see that when I have been gone another person have been really "interseted" in you if you catch my drift. I know it seems like this person is really nice but I warn you that he is not, he is actually a really nasty person, trust me. I have painted a picture to demostrate this. In this picture you are temted by this persons attractive apperence but you are also totally grossed out cause he is a piece of smelly poo. He on the other hand is handsome and really open to this nasty intime buisness and try to invite you, but he is also a party king and that signals that he "takes what he can get" and doen't really love you. I know I'm not as handsome and pritty and full of poo as he is but I love you strongly. When our eyes meet there is magic, pllese see it in your heart to forgive me and give in to your feelings for me. Plese <3

Your beloved
MightCrawler - a really nice person

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