tisdag 11 februari 2014

Dear Heyley, I'm sorry for my lack of post recreantly. To be honours with you I have been quite upset since I saw you with that guy. I have found it inside my heart to forgive you, I hope you still have the same feelings for me as you once had. I can tell you the story about when I realized that you still are the best guurl of my life. I was listening to one of your songs, it was a really nice one, one about emotions and stuff like that. I really like that song. When it came to the part where you sang really loud and emotionally I understood that I still have feelings for you, like really feelingly feelings (if you catch my drift). So I made a picture of you and I painted a ugly animal that you were riding. I was thinking that it was that guy that I saw you with and that he was really ugly and you were riding him... like in .. you know... ehh... Imiadethispicturehopeyoulikeit 
yours beloved 
Mr. MightCrawler (really not ugly like you current company)

 ps. almost capable of splitting an apple with my bear hands, just so you know

lördag 1 februari 2014

Hi Hayleh I'm really sorry for my absense..I'm out all alone in the dark woods without any internet, all I have is my thoughts of you.  I have thought of moar than you could ever imagene, if you imagene like every awake moment it would still be moar than that just so you know.
I have learnt how to split an apple in two using only my bear hands, this is something I know for certain that the rest on this blog would never do for you. 
Yours siincerely Baconstrap