lördag 13 december 2014

Dear Hayley
We both hope you are doing great, and are healthy and such. This post is comming from both of us but I have gotten the tast to write it, but I'm speaking as both me and my friend. We have made a picture of you together and we both hope you really like it.
First I really want to personally apologize for my bad behavior i my last post, I really should not blame my friend and talk bad about him just to get your love. But you have to understand I really love you hayley and I felt I had to use any means nesecary to show that. In hindsight I see that my behavior was unacceptable and I do sincerely apologize for it.
We hope this picture will be of your likeing and that I will be obvious for you that we wont fight amongst ourselfs but let you decide who you like the most.
We both hope that you are enjoying your life

Yours sincerely belove. Baconstrap and MightCrawler

fredag 21 november 2014

My Dear Hayley, it's been quite a while since last time. The reason is that I've been a bit afraid of taking contact with you, I thought you might be mad at me since theres a person that is givin you ideas of who I am and what my intenstions of loving you. But I've been thinking very much of this and come to the conclusion that you're a mature person(as am I) and you probably wouldn't listen talk from an immature person such as this other person, that needs to bully and pull me down just so he can seem to e a much better person that truly loves you, but I'm the one taking time to think of you all the time, When it's time for you to choose between me adn this immature person, I don't want to affect your decision with disparaging comment of this other person. I just want you to choose wisely so you don't choose someone that is immature, and is in for the meat if you cach my drift.
Anyway, the dark winter has come and I made this picture of you being here in the dark north spending the winter with me, that would be really really nice, I mean moar nice than everything else.

Yours sincerely beloved Baconstrap.(still thinking of you)

lördag 11 oktober 2014

I'm sorry for everything Hayley, I still love you

My deer Hayley, I'm really sorry for my lack of activity lately. I understand if you feel like I've let you down and im sorry for that, in my defence I do still love you. In my abcense my feelings for you have grown more strong then you can imagine. I'm sorry to see that when I have been gone another person have been really "interseted" in you if you catch my drift. I know it seems like this person is really nice but I warn you that he is not, he is actually a really nasty person, trust me. I have painted a picture to demostrate this. In this picture you are temted by this persons attractive apperence but you are also totally grossed out cause he is a piece of smelly poo. He on the other hand is handsome and really open to this nasty intime buisness and try to invite you, but he is also a party king and that signals that he "takes what he can get" and doen't really love you. I know I'm not as handsome and pritty and full of poo as he is but I love you strongly. When our eyes meet there is magic, pllese see it in your heart to forgive me and give in to your feelings for me. Plese <3

Your beloved
MightCrawler - a really nice person

onsdag 13 augusti 2014

Dear Hayley, I'm sorry for the lack of updates... my excuse is that I've been like really busy these last month, I mean like really busy although I've been thinking aboat you every awake moment and when I'm not awake I dream aboat you.
The thing that kept me busy is that I've  like been creating buildings of different types, not the funniest thing I can admit, buildings are mostly boxes with holes ..not like you . You have these really smoth shapes and you don't have any holes..well uhm you have..erhmm....herp..
yours sincerely Baconstrap.
#TandemHorse # really flippn happy

lördag 19 april 2014

 Happy easter dear Hayley, you know it comes many small children dressed like children are dressed during the easter to my house begging for candy. I had this vision that you would be dressed like that you would be  be the best easter gurl evah ,all colour full eggs are just liek you in a way you know....hehe
 If you come to my house (which I sincerely hope) and knock on my door(which I hope even moar) I have a really special present for you...which I  hope you like it..it's a... ...no I wont say what it is since it's a suprise.
Looking forward seeing you this easter.
Yours sincerely Baconstrap

fredag 7 mars 2014

Hi dear Hayley, my eyes are filled with water, for two reasons. First: I can't really belive what others on this blog suspects what you are up to with your friends....it really makes me sad since I know that nobody loves you moar than I do(don't ask me how I know this I just do.... okey?) Seccond I had this superduperwonderfull dream, we were like sitting together on a huge rock in the sky, it was really awesome with lot's of birds and full moon on the day etc..and we were almost holding hands also I was a samurai. It makes me sad that this just was a dream I so want to be a samurai...and ofcourse hold your hand.
Sincerely yours belovedy loved Baconstrap 

tisdag 11 februari 2014

Dear Heyley, I'm sorry for my lack of post recreantly. To be honours with you I have been quite upset since I saw you with that guy. I have found it inside my heart to forgive you, I hope you still have the same feelings for me as you once had. I can tell you the story about when I realized that you still are the best guurl of my life. I was listening to one of your songs, it was a really nice one, one about emotions and stuff like that. I really like that song. When it came to the part where you sang really loud and emotionally I understood that I still have feelings for you, like really feelingly feelings (if you catch my drift). So I made a picture of you and I painted a ugly animal that you were riding. I was thinking that it was that guy that I saw you with and that he was really ugly and you were riding him... like in .. you know... ehh... Imiadethispicturehopeyoulikeit 
yours beloved 
Mr. MightCrawler (really not ugly like you current company)

 ps. almost capable of splitting an apple with my bear hands, just so you know

lördag 1 februari 2014

Hi Hayleh I'm really sorry for my absense..I'm out all alone in the dark woods without any internet, all I have is my thoughts of you.  I have thought of moar than you could ever imagene, if you imagene like every awake moment it would still be moar than that just so you know.
I have learnt how to split an apple in two using only my bear hands, this is something I know for certain that the rest on this blog would never do for you. 
Yours siincerely Baconstrap